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NotifyMe web-based Inspection Management software is an all-in-one tool designed to help you implement business process digitalization and increase supply chain collaboration.

NotifyMe is both easy to use and beneficial in terms of increasing your process efficiency, centralizing information and providing accurate reporting and KPIs.

A software for Inspection and NOI management

Even in wealthy contexts such as the oil and gas, hydropower or the energy industry, organizations are continuously seeking ways in which efficiency is increased and costs can be saved.

Both customers (plant owners and EPC contractors) and vendors (manufacturers and suppliers of valves, pumps, and other critical components) must ensure that all operational processes are as effective and efficient as possible with the resources available.

NotifyMe meets the unique needs of the oil and gas, hydropower and energy industries in regard to inspection and NOI management.

The NotifyMe web-based Inspection Management software helps increase the efficiency of the business processes related to Notifications of Inspection (NOIs) management. These processes are of the highest importance, as they ultimately decide whether a product can be accepted and delivered to the customer and therefore impact greatly on a project performance.

This contributes to the development of more effective ways of doing business together in a compliance context, and minimizes the risk of issues that may cause delays, increase costs and potentially damage a company’s reputation.

We are catering this solely towards inspection management for now, altough we might target other working processes in the future. We think this is a good starting point because it can be really beneficial to use a single workspace (the NotifyMe software) to centralise all aspects of an inspection and make the inspection process more efficient.

Key features

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