2. Set up your projects and packages

In a supply chain, the companies involved in the creation and sale of a product need to work together and collaborate with each other, from the delivery of source materials to the manufacturer, through to its eventual delivery to the end user.

The workspaces where the NotifyMe users can collaborate online with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and inspectors are called projects and packages.

Everything in NotifyMe is related to a project and a package, from events, to documents, messages or action items.

Projects are the equivalent to Sales Orders or Contracts received from a Customer, while packages are the equivalent to Production Orders or Purchase Orders issued internally or to a supplier. When creating a project or a package in NotifyMe, you will be able to select the companies and the users or guests involved, and define roles and responsibilities for each of them.

For a specified project there might be multiple packages, each managed by a group of companies that work together based on purchase orders issued by the customer to their suppliers. Usually, all packages of one project have the same customer but different suppliers and / or inspection bodies.

Within these private spaces users can communicate and share documents with one or more team members, define roles and duties with tasks and action items and share a common calendar. NotifyMe will enable you to easily add companies to a package and to set the connections among team members, while keeping every company separated to protect data confidentiality.

It is always possible to trace any working activity carried out by an user back to the relevant project and package. This makes it possible to correlate the activities in NotifyMe with the operational and financial activities of an organization. It also enables to export the Sales Orders, Production Orders and Purchase Orders from the Client's ERP into NotifyMe, and to keep all references syncronized by using the NotifyMe API.

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