Seamless communication

NotifyMe messaging system

NotifyMe messaging system enables you to send messages to people mentioned in your package team, so that all conversations referring to the same package are stored in the same place and can be accessed by the team members. This makes it easier to search for messages related to a specific project or package, even after a long time, ensuring confidentiality of information.

When completing tasks or sending messages on NotifyMe, everyone still receives emails sent on your behalf by the software, even those who are not using NotifyMe yet.

This way, emails are still being sent on your behalf as you used to do before getting to use NotifyMe, and the recipients may still receive the information via email even if they have not signed up to NotifyMe yet.

With NotifyMe you can keep all your business partners in the loop!

Automating emails with NotifyMe

Email allows people to communicate across an organization (and with customers and suppliers), but it was not designed to enhance work management. First, emails are not project-specific: many people are accustomed to group emails by project manually. Also, checking and answering individual work emails as they come in throughout the day is one of the most time-consuming activities at work; inbox overload happens easily, with overlooked announcements and unclear to-dos needing to be manually tracked and organised.

Sending messages on NotifyMe, conversely, is really useful if you include in your conversation your clients or suppliers – you can communicate with them and at the same time you will benefit from the NotifyMe messaging system. Important conversations with your customers and suppliers will not have to be searched for in individual inboxes, as they appear in your message page related to that specific project or package.

Also, if they reply to an email sent through NotifyMe with a new email, the software will capture and identify it, and it will appear in your NotifyMe messaging page.

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