Quickstart Guide

Download our Quickstart Guide in pdf.

Looking to get started with NotifyMe?

Download the NotifyMe Quickstart Guide here!

Whether you’re the first person at your organization to sign up or you're part a team already using it, this is the fastest way to get the most value out of NotifyMe in a very short time.

The NotifyMe Quickstart Guide will help you understand the basics about NotifyMe.

The Quickstart Guide will not explain all the details but we will cover the fundamentals to help you start using NotifyMe the best way.

If you are already registered to NotifyMe and are looking for more detailed information about how to use our software, we provide the following options:

If you still have any questions, or have an idea or suggestion for NotifyMe, feel free to post them in our Community or to contact our support team. We will be happy to help!

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