Software benefits

The NotifyMe web-based inspection management software meets the unique needs of the oil and gas, hydropower and energy industry.

Increase efficiency

Save time in managing inspections and NOIs through standardization and process automation.

NotifyMe collaborative workflows provide standardized processes that guide the information flow from a team member to the others, and coordinate the users by assigning and tracking their tasks automatically.

Identify the collaborative workflow templates for NOI management that are best fitting for your company - these will help you ensure that your entire organization is aware of the best practices and actually follows them.

Reduce mistakes

Improve customer experience by reducing miscommunication and manual errors.

Miscommunication poses a substantial threat to customer service. It can lead to dissatisfied customers, reputational damage, and costly errors. NotifyMe provides a common workspace where project team members work on inspections and projects together. This helps employees, even from different organizations, understand each others and collaborate more effectively.

Also, there are less manual errors because critical information is made available to the project team using web-based forms with predefined and standardized content.

Increase control

Improve planning, tracking and reporting of inspections and NOIs, centralizing documents and information.

Increase productivity while keeping your projects recorded and properly organized. Instead of spending time looking through emails or spreadsheets, keep information, like inspection dates and results, in one place to make sure everyone pulls from the same pool of knowledge.

Set the standard

Let innovation redefine operational excellence in inspection and NOI management.

Standardization and automation of your inspection and NOI management processes help you meet customer expectation through the continuous improvement of the operational processes, and execute your business processes more consistently and reliably than your competitors.

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