1. Onboard users and guests

Onboarding is the process in which team members are involved in the software adoption project and get acquainted with all the features of the software, the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours required for their role.

What you'll need to do in the first place is to invite the people who already work with you on real projects, contracts or purchase orders, to collaborate online on NotifyMe:

  • Set up your network of companies (either your business units or your business partners, such as customers, vendors or inspection bodies).

  • Onboard users (people from your business units) and guests (people from your business partners) to collaborate on NotifyMe.

These people may either be internal to your organization - if they belong to your own business unit or to other business units in your organization - or be external and belong to any of your business partners, including your customers, suppliers or inspection bodies.

User roles

Guest roles

Business accounts

A NotifyMe Account can be either:

  • A Single-business Account (one Business Unit), or

  • A Multi-business Account (multiple Business Units within the Account).

Multi-business Accounts are suitable for large organizations whose members belong to different Business Units.

Members of Business Partners, such as customers, suppliers or inspection bodies, may access specified data as guests upon invitation.

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