Increase supply chain collaboration

When multiple organizations work together on a project, people from different organizations and different departments are involved and need to work together. They need to set standard processes that are accepted and understood by all parties in order to ensure consistent delivery in accordance with the quality requirements.

The inspection and NOI (Notification Of Inspection) management process affects the entire manufacturing cycle of a product as it ultimately decides whether this can be accepted and delivered to the customer. It depends on the work of many people from different companies and requires an efficient collaboration among colleagues, customers, suppliers, inspection bodies and inspectors.

NotifyMe web-based Inspection Management software can help to connect companies all around the world, by enabling them to define roles and responsibilities, automate processes, make information accessible to all, and have a shared work plan.

The software provides accurate reporting and KPIs and gives you more visibility into planning and tracking inspections and NOIs, helping improve Customer experience.

NotifyMe helps connect companies around the world

Sharing an online workspace helps keep everyone on the same page and projects on track.

This plays an important role in establishing clarity in communication, expectations, and openness to generate collaboration and trust among the project team members.

Streamline communication

Controlled, patterned, and predictable communication channels help team members build and effective relationship with each other.

Since different employees have different ways of thinking and different characteristics, it's hard to develop a consistent communication between team members. When communication is streamlined, all parties are better able to understand the information, and this enables both the sender and the receiver to trust the message.

Receive and send emails automatically

Ensure everyone can take part in the inspection and NOI management process, even those companies that are not using NotifyMe yet.

This offers several benefits in terms of keeping everyone on the same page and making sure that every inspection or task is accounted for.

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