3. Plan your inspections and NOIs

Managing an inspection or a Notification of Inspection is challenging, as several people from different organizations may need to collaborate and take decisions in a very short time.

In NotifyMe, this can be done effectively with our collaborative workflows, designed to standardize and automate this process.

A ‘workflow’ is a sequence of ‘tasks’ that are assigned to the people responsible for organizing and performing the inspections. The other team members can be given read-only access to these tasks - this gives everyone a comprehensive review of the current status of their inspection activities.

When you are planning an inspection visit, you are creating an event in NotifyMe. The inspection dates can be viewed and shared with your team in the NotifyMe calendar - this makes the information about any schedule change available in real-time.

Additionally, inspection notifications sent via email by suppliers all over the world can be captured by the system and used to automatically initialize the workflows, so that even those persons who are not using NotifyMe yet, can be kept in the loop.

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