Customization through Business Process Analysis

NotifyMe helps companies in the oil and gas, hydropower and energy industry work effectively with each other thanks to our collaborative workflows and to the expertise of our team in process analysis and inspection management.

Several project and quality managers, procurement specialists and quality inspectors have been involved from the very beginning of the design and test phases. They continue to help our customer success team understand the processes related to inspections and NOIs (Notifications Of Inspection) in the oil and gas, hydropower and energy industry.

Standard workflow templates have been designed by our staff to automate the activities that are most commonly carried out in the oil and gas, hydropower and energy industries while managing inspection and NOIs, and can be further customized simply by adding the companies or persons involved.

Also, by identifying your unique needs, our Business Process Analysis Team can design and customize the collaborative workflows that work best for you and your supply chain network.

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