Dashboard, reporting and analytics

NotifyMe saves time and effort by streamlining reporting, dashboarding, and data analysis.

Accurate and organized data reports and KPIs can give you more visibility into your business processes and your supply chain performance.

Delivering real-time data that can be easily analyzed to discover inefficiencies, track the effectiveness of your processes, or assess your suppliers' performance, NotifyMe empowers users to access, navigate, and visualize data independently without the need for data expertise.

NotifyMe can provide customized KPI Reports that are not only a more refined way to collate data, but are designed to visualise KPIs and metrics that specifically target performance against objectives.

Data-Driven Decisions

NotifyMe can design, analyze, and share reports and dashboards, display data based on various attributes, and drill into data sources to achieve the level of detail you require to quickly take action or influence decisions.

NotifyMe helps you increase the adoption of data-driven business practices by creating customized Business Intelligence reports and dashboards.

Assess supplier performance

NotifyMe helps you assess the performance of your suppliers and inspection bodies providing key performance indicators (KPIs), or more sophisticated data gathering, based on the results of the inspections.

Uncover best practices

Compare data across your organization’s business units to easily identify top performing locations and uncover best practices that can be applied company-wide to increase overall performance.

Implement risk-based inspection

This approach considers the probability, the consequences and the cost of the operational or maintenance activity via a criticality analysis of the result of the inspections for various equipments, materials, and suppliers. This allows optimal selection and prioritisation of the inspections.

NotifyMe can provide reports will determine the level of inspection that is needed, depending on the risk level of the assets.

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