NotifyMe Release Notes
NotifyMe Release Notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release.

Release October 2021

Added import of Client’s ERP project and package data from file

Improved date selection for NOI event

Improved document upload type control

Improvement of error messages displayed on the system

Added filters and sorting for lists

Opening documents in the browser in a new tab

Improved feature to remove photo for ‘user’, ‘guest’ and logo for ‘company’

Improved document upload type control

Small graphical improvements on the UX of the GUI

Improvements on application performance and system stability

The ‘Messages’ icon in the package selection panel has been hidden

The ‘Action item’ icon in the package selection panel has been hidden

Fixed links from the document list

Incorrect event count in KPIs

The scroll bar of the activities in the new ITP lines was not visible

Improved usability of the ‘create new message’ form

Release July 2021

Added filters for KPIs

Export csv for analytics

The search function is activated

Cascading Style Sheets update

Improved html template for automated emails

The Task’s assignees are now limited to those of their company

Enable inhibition of the delete function for people, company, project, package, message, document

Inhibited the possibility of multiple assignees of a task

Notification messages updated to make them more readable

UX minor fixes

The Customer logo not displayed correctly

Photo display fixed

Increased performace of the NOI event loading function

Update on AWS Cognito configurations

Release April 2021

Added functionality ‘Revise event’ to revise NOIs

Added fields to manage ‘partial items’ to tasks

Added button ‘upload document’ in tasks

Email alert is sent to the people added to a package

Email alert is sent to task follower and deputies upon task completion

Events in ‘draft’ status have been hidden

Limit task assignees to one

Tasks that are not applicable have been hidden

Changed NOI automated numbering

File size limit increased to 10 MB

At people creation, the ‘favourite’ property is now set to ‘False’ by default

Button ‘import NOI’ in Tasks did not import email addresses correctly

Vendor name entered by supplier was not displayed correctly in the task form

Tasks could be completed by passive actors

Export of NOIs not working correctly

Added project color to the tasks in the calendar

Added type ‘drawing’ to the documents

Release December 2020

Fully collaborative workflows

The NotifyMe collaborative workflows for Inspection and NOIs can manage up to 4 companies at a time.

Reporting and KPIs

A totally new reporting and KPI page is now available!

Release October 2020

Faster Graphic User Interface

Our new GUI, developed with React.js, goes online. NotifyMe is much faster, for a great user experience.

Release June 2020

Amazon Web Services

NotifyMe is now hosted on the AWS infrastructure.