Carry out a staged roll-out
In order to validate the Roll-out model and processes, and to reduce the roll-out risk, it is recommended to carry out a staged roll-out. When possible, you should select a pilot site or department and carry out a preliminary roll-out on a limited scale.
Best practices with regards to the selection criteria of the pilot site or department are:
  • be representative of the rest of the sites or departments
  • be small scale (compared to the size of the final population)
  • bnable easy communication and access by the implementation team.
The reasons behind conducting a pilot roll-out may be:
  • Assessing the feasibility of large-scale implementation under certain conditions
  • Evaluating the impact of a particular roll-out model on project achievement
  • Demonstrating that roll-out can be implemented with existing resources
  • Develop a site that can serve as future model demonstration site
  • Increase stakeholder buy-in
  • Promoting consensus by showing how implementation can work
  • Lowers risk of failure by limiting resource usage
  • Assess true performance in controlled-but-live experiments
  • Quickly deliver a version of the solution to a targeted segment of the client population
  • Confirm or disprove expected results and relationships
  • To test and validate the benefit of the proposed solutions before final roll out
  • Validate the resources needed to effectively scale up roll-out
  • Identify additional improvements in either the solution or implementation launch itself
  • Improve future projections of benefits of full roll-out
  • Assessing the feasibility of large-scale implementation under certain conditions.
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