Data integration

Rest API

Integrate NotifyMe with your company’s ERP with our APIs, and eliminate manual entry of the data required to raise and process NOIs.

ERP data integration is included with a NotifyMe Enterprise Plan.

Clients can use the NotifyMe API to access a collection of resources from NotifyMe.

All APIs under the NotifyMe API are based on REST architecture and are accessed via HTTP at specified URLs. The communication between the Client and NotifyMe APIs is always secured by using a TLS-connection using TLS version 1.2 or higher.


The NotifyMe API uses API keys to authenticate your requests.

If you have an Enterprise Plan, your API keys are available in the Account page. Your API keys are strictly confidential and must be kept secret.

Integration with Microsoft Office

For years businesses have used Excel or Word files as a way to capture business data for business processes, such as NOI forms, data reports, timesheets, and more. With NotifyMe, worksheet and table cells are mapped to NotifyMe fields, so you can capture data directly from those files and export / import them to NotifyMe as searchable objects and records. This will enable you to produce accurate and organized data reports and KPIs and have more visibility into planning and tracking inspections and NOIs.

Integration with your ERP

Sometimes, ERP systems provide custom inspection management functionalities that enable companies to manage their inspection easily and efficiently.

Usually, though, these systems don't include a controlled acces to your data by customers, suppliers and inspection bodies, which is the peculiar feature of NotifyMe.

We offer the integration of NotifyMe with your ERP via APIs that might be worth considering: they can add to your ERP the capability of sharing data in real-time with your business partners, yet keeping full control over who can view those data.

Data integration includes the following stages:

  • Day 0: copy of the entire data set from the Client’s system to NotifyMe (my means of NotifyMe API or by importing data from an Excel spreadsheet)

  • Incremental synchronization of new and updated data from the Client’s system to NotifyMe

  • Reconciliation of missing or duplicate data between the two systems.

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