Increase business process digitalization

Becoming more efficient while maintaining (or improving) safety, quality and keeping costs under control is a clear priority for any player in the industry business.

Digital transformation represents one of the most significant and current opportunities in the business environment to deliver growth and increase efficiency across the whole organization.

Designed to improve collaboration and automate work processes, NotifyMe is an example of how digital transformation can add value to a business: it helps remove the communication barriers between team members, improves effectiveness on joint tasks and increases process efficiency.

Standardization and process automation helps save time and energy when managing inspections and NOIs. Important information and documents are always available and updated online in a confidential and secure way.

Automate your team scheduling

Let NotifyMe automatically calendarize all activities related to inspections and NOIs.

This provides a comprehensive overview of the activities that have been planned or are in progress, showing the main information in a single view.

Also, integrated team schedules in one centralized system let everyone know who is working on what and when. This helps keep track of schedules and budgets, and manage priorities and deadlines.

Follow up on issues and Non-Conformances

Keep the project team focused on continuous improvement.

Corrective actions are to be taken every time non-conformities or minor issues are encountered during an inspection.Managing the issues and action items with NotifyMe helps to follow them up effectively even when the corrective plan spans over several weeks or months. Furthermore, the progress of the action plan can be accessed, viewed, and approved in real-time by everyone involved, inside or outside the organization.

NotifyMe provides accurate reporting and KPIs

Process automation ensures consistency of information and traceability of activities on inspections and NOIs.

The software provides accurate reporting and KPIs and gives you more visibility into planning and tracking inspections and NOIs, helping improve Customer experience.

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