Collaborative workflows

Manage inspections and NOIs with the NotifyMe collaborative workflows

A simple task such as requesting a supplier to properly complete an inspection notification form, or a client to confirm an inspection date, can take much longer than expected. This, in turn, causes delays or the endless chasing of the people in charge.

Use workflows to organize the tasks for managing inspections and NOIs, involving users from different companies and taking collaboration to a new level!

Process automation prevents the management of the task from taking up more time than required. With NotifyMe, inspection notifications (NOIs) can be generated and distributed through the system, automating repetitive tasks and streamlining the communication processes.

Inspection notifications sent via email by suppliers can be captured and used to automatically give the green light for the inspections.

Follow up on action items

Managing the issues and action items through NotifyMe ensures an effective follow-up even when the corrective plan spans over several weeks or months.

Furthermore, the progress of the action plan can be accessed, viewed, and approved in real-time by everyone involved, inside or outside the organization.

This helps expedite the correction plan ensuring all the project team members are on the same page.