Select your key users

Key users can be defined as users with expert knowledge with regard to a particular system or process. The expectations from the key user are mainly:

  • to provide expertise with regards to business processes during the business/IT alignment phase.

  • to participate in User Acceptance Test (UAT)

  • to provide permanent support and training to end users.

Key users should be selected based on following criteria:

  • they should understand the Business Processes

  • be comfortable with IT systems

  • be trouble shooters

  • be open to changes

  • have good relationship with co-workers.

Key users can support the provision of knowledge regarding internal business processes to the implementation team, thereby helping to develop the requirement specifications, and to support the customization and implementation planning process.

Also, they can be utilized as system-related knowledge-hubs to facilitate training and support to the end users, during and after the implementation of the system.

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