Automated scheduling


When you start a business process (such as management of inspections and NOIs, creations of new documents for approval, or raising of non-conformances) you create an Event that is shown in a shared calendar, making the information about any schedule change available in real time to the people involved.

This gives customers and suppliers a comprehensive review of the exact current status of their order and a reliable projection of the future planning and status.

Event automated scheduling

Each new event for a specified business process is assigned a workflow with the tasks that are required to organize and manage it. The start date and end date of the event are used as a reference by the NotifyMe automation engine for the scheduling of all these tasks based on pre-defined workflow rules.

This makes it possible to plan the users daily activities around the event dates, making sure that each task is carried out at the right moment.

A calendar shared with the people involved, inside or outside an organization, can provide visibility and the assurance that fabrication will proceed as agreed, minimizing the risk of unexpected delays that could affect project deadlines.

Task schedule

The NotifyMe collaborative workflows break the working activities down to tasks.

Tasks are assigned to the most suitable persons in the project / package team, and are scheduled automatically based on pre-defined workflow rules.

The NotifyMe Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the activities that have been planned or are in progress, showing the main information in a single view. You will have visibility over all planned tasks that are assigned to you, and those where your are just a follower, with no responsibility in completing the task (but you still are informed about what's going on).

This helps users organize their daily activities and hit deadlines!

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