Set your goal

If a team doesn’t understand the purpose of their work, their attention and enthusiasm can dwindle. We recommend to identify your goals and costraints to address with NotifyMe and come up with your goal statement - the purpose, the key to motivation for your team. Not only will this keep everyone motivated and aligned, it’s the best way to review the adoption process and ensure success.

The adoption of NotifyMe may result in :

  • real-time and accurate reporting with regards to inspection and supplier nonconformances management

  • greater efficiency of day to day operations and reporting as a result of providing employees with standardized processes and information updated in real-time

  • improved customer experience as a result of providing customer with streamlined communication and active interaction with the Company processes

  • reduced Cost of Poor Quality as a result of providing suppliers with streamlined communication and automated closed-loop Nonconformances and corrective action plans

After you have clarified your purpose for using NotifyMe you can get the adoption plan in place. The plan will set expectations and give you a timeline so you can gauge if adoption is on track.

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